Light Gauge Steel Building Systems


Steel beams and trusses in roof of building construction.

Innovative, Lightweight Steel Components for the Construction Of Steel-Frame Structures

Pre-assembled frames, packed for transportation, and efficient assembly on construction sites. Unique, patented frame connections bolt or clip together; reducing construction time with guaranteed structural integrity.
Ariel view of steel frame building construction.

Truss-to-Truss Connection

The patented, precision-engineered truss-to-truss connection ensures each roof truss comes together with pinpoint accuracy. Once connected, the trusses remain locked in position and cannot shift or rotate.

In addition to perfectly flat ceilings, Suprlok trusses are engineered to ensure minimal movement and resulting noise.

Truss Tie-Down

The Suprlok truss tie-down is designed for strength. The truss-locating tab slides through the wall’s top plate, and is anchored directly to the wall stud.

This connection has outstanding wind loading qualities and ensures the roof will stand up to severe weather conditions.

Tie-Down Bracket

Our patented tie-down bracket for anchoring the walls to the slab is engineered to be the final element of strength, securing the entire system down to the solid foundation.

Specific locations of our stud-to-slab connections are predetermined during manufacture long before the frame is rolled, once again ensuring superior strength and performance.

Patented Dimple Connections

Unique to the Suprlok system, patented dimple connections are utilized throughout the frame.

The benefits are twofold; when used in the bolted connections of trusses, a secure fit is achieved reducing movement and noise. Patented dimpled rivet fixings along your walls, ensure plasterboard has a flat surface for fixing, giving you a straight and true finish.

Learn How Supr-Lok Sustainble Steel Building Systems Work.

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